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On behalf of Dr. Nathan and his staff, it is our mission to make your first and subsequent visits as pleasant as absolutely possible.  We recognize that dentistry is openly viewed as unpleasant by much of our society and therefore it should not be surprising that for many young children, dental treatment can represent a threatening event.  This is particularly true for children who by their nature or previous experience, are very timid, apprehensive or easily frightened by strangers and new environments.

First, we encourage all children have their first dental visit at or before their first birthday.  Doing such provides the most optimal opportunity to identify, intercept and prevent potential dental issues and problems.  Seeing you and your child soon after teeth have begun to erupt permits us to share vital preventive information that can help your child from experiencing otherwise preventable tooth decay.

The first visit enables us to discuss various methods and positioning of how to best accomplish toothbrushing and flossing, how to avoid early childhood decay from either a bottle, breastfeeding, or sippy cup, and to address any ongoing or developing habits such as finger or thumb sucking, and pacifiers, proper needs for fluoride and nutrition as well as identify any specific developmental or orthodontic abnormalities.


Dr. Nathan encourages and permits parents to be present during all dental visits in the examination and treatment area.  We do not believe separating a child from their parent in any way, particularly for very young or apprehensive children, is in the best interests of your child. With you present we encourage questions and dialogue to learn about your child, including any relevant medical or health issues, concerns, or preferences you may have regarding how you feel we might best be of help for your child.

Our goal is to assist you in every way possible to prevent dental problems from arising, as well as to best treat and manage subsequently any problems that present themselves.

Our Office is a No Restraint Zone.

Under no circumstance will our office or personnel use any form of physical restraint against your child's will.  Too many adults today continue to avoid dental treatment due to the manner in which they received care when they were children.  Our mission is to foster a child-friendly environment directed at helping all children to accept, if not enjoy their trips to the dentist for a lifetime.